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Are you hormones creating havoc?

How are your hormones working for you? Do know how to take care of your hormones.

Tip: it's not just the obvious stuff...

If you'd like to know how your hormones can be more balanced. Click here for a free call

Homeopathy can work beautifully to bring hormones back into balance that's why its the number one choice for women who want to avoid the side effects of medication! BUT also as homeopaths we hold close to Hanhemann's teachings and we know that it's not just about the remedy.

The process of the consultation allows the patient to join together the pieces of their jigsaw and sometimes by naming the cause they begin to release the trauma from the body.

We look to identify and address maintaining causes- do you understand how your life-style affects your health and hormones?

So as part of moving towards a more balanced place where your hormones are concerned consider:

Your diet and the foods that may be having an impact. Are you exposed to environmental or medical adaptogens that are affecting you? What in your life causes you stress and may be throwing those hormones out of whack? Do you understand the ebb and flow of your menstrual cycle (if you are still having one)?

Do you know how to harness those hormone shifts and make them work for you rather than be a slave to the highs and lows of your cycles?

It's always about the bigger picture and it's why I love homeopathy.

If you have found homeopathy hasn't worked for you it's maybe time to do the deeper work?

If you have never tried homeopathy before but nothing else is working what do you have to lose?

What clients say....

My cycles have finally returned and I now know what 'normal' looks like ( D, 29, UK)

I had no idea those little sugar pills could sort so much. I feel more balanced overall. My heavy periods have decreased but i have also felt more able to deal with what life throws at me. I cant explain it but lots of the things that would have bothered me before i am just able to let go now. (A, 45, USA)

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