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Homeopath, Peri-natal specialist, Doula

Innate Wellness Centre is the culmination of many years serving women, bringing together services that traverse the journey through womanhood. 

As a younger woman I experienced the pain of an imbalanced menstrual cycle and later had a diagnosis of endometriosis. I faced infertility and a life of discomfort or invasive treatments and surgery. 

Upon finally becoming pregnant I struggled to find the information and support I needed through a tricky early pregnancy, then to have the birth I wanted supported. As a result I feel so strongly that women should have access to good support throughout their pregnancy and labour and also understand the real difference this can make to their state of mind.

The services I offer bring together my personal experiences of womanhood, motherhood and desire to live from a place of balance and wellness with the least chemical, medical intervention. My experience as an SEN specialist teacher gives me confidence in delivering classes and supporting additional needs clients of all ages. As well as the health and wellness qualification achieved below I attend regular CPD and supervision as part of an international community of homeopaths and wellness professionals.

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  • Qualifications

  • MARH- Registered classical homeopath

  • BA.Hons

  • Licentiate Homeopathy- Salisbury College of Homeopathy (RSHOM)

  • FEDANT registered Antenatal Educator 

  • Doula training with Conscious Birthing (FEDANT approved)

  • FEDANT registered BabyNatal parent-craft educator-

  • QTS-Teacher of Drama and English (SEN)

International homeopathy conference for CV-19

Nutrition and Mindfullness

PCOS managing the roundabout

Trauma recovery

Menopause-beyond the hot flushes

Cardiovascular health
Using Slings for Labour and birth-March

Rebozo for labour 

Closing the bones ceremonies

Using essential oils for labour and birth

Making herbal home remedies
Waterbirth Study Day Dianne Garland
BabyNatal CPD yearly 
Homeopathy for labour and birth 
Reiki for gatekeepers

and more...

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